The user interface

The User Interface of Docutemplate, allow users to add templates, fill templates, access the Archive of filled documents, or open in Google Docs the template file.

Beside the comand described above, the main interface of Docutemplate will show the name of the Google Docs that is used as template and a small preview of the document itself.

Adding a new template

To add a new template, the user need to click on the top left button Add a template file.

A web page managed by Google, will allow the user to browse its Google Drive to find and select the Google Doc that it want to use as template.

The interface

Below the Add a template file there is a table that contains all the templates added so far to Docutemplate. The user can add as many templates as it wishes.

For each document added to Docutemplate, the user will see the preview of the document on the right side of the table.

On the left side of the table, there will be:

  1. The name of the Document
  2. Link to open the document in Google Docs
  3. Link to fill the template
  4. Link to the archive

Filling the template

Each time the user start to fill a template, a new filling is created.

The filling interface is a simple form that for each unique variables, ask the user to input the values it wants.

Each filling can memorize the variables that have been already decided. The user simply need to click on the Save button instead of the Generate Document button.

The Generate Document button, will generate the PDF from the variables inserted by the user.

The link to the filling can be shared among collaborators, users, or clients. They will have the possibility to fill the template and to download the generated PDF.

No login required.

Each template filled will then be available in the Archive.