Docutemplate helps in creating multiple PDFs quickly and without errors.

What it is

Docutemplate is a software tool to create multiple PDFs starting from a single Google Doc.

Getting it

The software does not requires any installation, and can be used directly from the browser.

It does not even requires you to create an account, on the contrary, you must sign in with your Google account. This because Docutemplate integrates directly with Google Docs to create your PDFs starting from a single Google Docs file.


A template is a standard Google Docs file.

Any Google Docs file will do, it does not matter how complicated, if with images, headers, etc… all the standard Google Docs features are supported.

You can format your template in any way you like with bold or italics fonts. You can use colors, different dimensions, tables, images, everything.

Docutemplate cares only about the variables that you insert in the document.

The variables will then be substituted with the values the user provides when filling the template.


In Docutemplate a variable is conained between ${ and }.

For instance ${company_name} is a variable that could appear in a template.

Another could it be ${price} or ${initial_date}.

Each variable will be associated with the name it contains, so the variable ${company_name} will be associate with the label company_name.

A variable, can appears multiple times in a Docutemplate template, but it will always have only one value when filling the template.


Filling a template is the action that creates the PDFs starting from a template with variables and the values we want to give to those variables.

It is an automatic process, done by Docutemplate.

Before the filling the original Google Docs is scanned and all the variables are identified.

Then, the user is asked what values to give to each variable.

A variable that appears multiple times, will have only one value during the filling, hence a variable can be re-used multiple times.

After the filling, the generated PDF is make available in a shared Google Drive folder, called Archive.

PDFs stays in the Archive a limited amount of time, if you are interested in them, considering moving them.

The Archive

For each template that you add to Docutemplate, Docutemplate creates an Archive.

The Archive is a shared Google Drive folder between you and Docutemplate.

Each time you fill a template, it get places in its Archive where you can retrieve it.

The Archive contains PDFs for a limited amount of time, if the document is important for you, it is a good idea to place it in your own Google Drive.