Docutemplate, quickly generates PDF from Google Docs

Docutemplate helps you generated PDF starting from a simple Google Docs, in the Google Docs you specify special variables that later you, or your client, or collaborator, can fill in with the real values.

Get started

The steps to create and fill a templates are few and very simple.

1. Create your Google Docs

The very first step is to create or adapt the document that you would like to use as template.

The document can contains images, titles, formatting, everything that you need to create a beautiful and expressive document.

Docutemplate does not limit you in any way.

Make a Google Docs document

2. Insert your variables

Now it is the moment to define the variables in your document.

To create a variable use the special syntax ${variable_name}. You can insert any number of variables in your documents.

For each different variable in the document, the user will be asked to insert a value, docutemplate will substitute the variables with the value from the user.

Add your variables

3. Share the document with docutemplate

Docutemplate will redirect you to Google Docs, where you can select the specific document that you want to use as template.

Docutemplate will ask you permissions to access only the Google documents that explicitely share with it.

Docutemplate does not modify your original document, but it makes a copy.

4. Fill the templates with your variable

After you shared your documents with Docutemplate, it creates a special web page for you and your collaborators to fill the variables with the values you need.

Anybody with the link can access the webpage and fill the template, there is no need of authentication.

Fill the template

5. Get the final documents

Each time a template is completely fill and saved, a new document is created.

The user that filled the template is able to download the document as PDF, while the original owner of the document can download it as either Google Doc or PDF.

Get the document

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